Kareena DIY Mask During Lockdown

Kareena flutters many hearts with her flawless beauty and hour glass figure. She has been blessed with great looks and she works really hard to maintain it.

I will not say that celebrities are naturally blessed with beautiful skin and amazing hair, they go through, various dermatological procedures to get it but if you think that don’t rely on natural ways, you’re wrong

Like most of us they also follow basic skin & hair care regime. Today I will share about Kareena Kapoor’s basic skin care regime that you can also follow.

Rule #1 – DIY Clay Mask

When it’s about the face, she doesn’t rely on facial. She apply DIY clay based mask once or twice a week

For this clay mask you can use any clay. Here I am using fuller’s earth but you can also use bentonite clay or kaolin clay

To make paste you can use milk, curd, glycerin or rose water as base

Here I am using milk and rose water.

Just mix it and your mask is ready.

You can put some extra add-ons in this to fight with specific skin problems

Like if you have acne prone skin, you can add tulsi powder or neem leaf powder in this

If you have dark spots on your face, you can add drops of lemon juice or tomato juice

If you have dull looking skin, you can add about 1 spoon of papaya pulp in this

Apply a thick layer of this mask all over your clean face

Leave it for about 20 minutes and then you can wash your face with plain water

Don’t forget to apply your face moisturiser after using this face mask, as clay mask will dry out your face

Rule #2 – Drinks Lot of water

Kareena prefers natural liquids like green tea and coconut water to keep her skin hydrated from inside. During an interview she also focused on eight glasses a day boiled water mantra.

Rule#3 – No Facial

Kareena says no facials. When she was recently prodded about her facial regime, she clearly stated that she stays away from facials at salon, as the chemicals used are not good for the skin.

Rule#4 – CTM at night

that is Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing, every night. NO Matter how tired, drunk, sleepy she is, she will remove all her make up and will follow cTM routine before going to bed