How to Perform a Vitamin E Oil Face Treatment

Vitamin E is a nutrient that has numerous benefits for your skin and body.
When applied directly to the skin, vitamin E oil helps your skin to look younger and more refreshed.

Applying Pure Vitamin E Oil

You’ll Need:
Vitamin E
Place a towel or into a bowl of warm or hot water.
Remove the towel from the water and squeeze it out completely.
When the fabric is warm and not hot to touch, place the towel over your face for several minutes to expand your facial pores.
The oil can soak more efficiently into your skin when your pores are opened.
Coat your fingertips in vitamin E oil.
Squeeze a pea-sized amount of vitamin E product onto your fingers.
I like to rub the product into my fingers before applying it so the product can coat my skin more evenly.
Rub the oil into your skin with your fingertips.
Take the oil and apply it to your face in long, circular movements.
Let your fingers sweep over your face, covering your cheekbones, forehead, and chin area.
Continue rubbing until your entire face is evenly covered
Allowing the oil to soak into your skin during the night is preferable, but this isn’t feasible for all skin types.
Some people may experience rashes, irritation, and other side effects if they leave the oil on their face for that long.
If you’re worried about side effects, wash off the vitamin E oil after about 15 minutes.
Keep in mind that vitamin E oil can be sticky and get on your pillows and sheets.
Massage your face with vitamin E oil every 2 days before bed.
Maintain a routine skincare regimen.
Aim to do this treatment around 3-4 times a week.
Although vitamin E is great for nourishing your skin, you don’t want to leave your complexion oily.
Pure vitamin E oil is quite heavy and is known to clog pores and cause breakouts.
If your skin is oil or acne-prone, you may want to avoid applying pure vitamin E oil to your face.
Instead, look for serums and products suited for oily skin that contain vitamin E as an ingredient.
Vitamin E oil can be an excellent natural moisturizer for treating dry skin.
If the oil feels too heavy on its own, try mixing a few drops of it into your favorite moisturizer and applying the moisturizer as you normally would.
Rub on some vitamin E oil 3-4 times per week before bed can help to keep your skin looking youthful and elastic.
While vitamin E oil help to keep your skin’s collagen intact and soften the look of fine lines.
As an antioxidant, vitamin E is a huge help to the skin since it helps protect it from free radicals that cause premature aging.

Mix with other strong Ingredient:
Mix aloe vera gel with vitamin E oil for aging skin.

You’ll Need:
Aloe Vera
Vitamin E
Take 1 teaspoon of aloe vera into a small bowl.
Next, puncture a capsule of vitamin E oil with a safety pin or other sharp object so the oil can also be squeezed into the bowl with the aloe vera.
Use a spoon to stir the ingredients together, creating a light green mixture.
Coat your fingertips in this mixture and apply it to your face in small, circular motions.
This treatment is especially good if you’re trying to make your skin look dewy and youthful.
Double, triple, or multiply this recipe how much you want to create a larger batch.
Try applying a small amount onto your skin 3-4 times each week.