Gold Facial at Home With All Natural Ingredients

We have already heard about many facials from fruit facial to collagen and gold facial.
Although, Gold facial has a prominent position in the beauty industry then and now as it suits all skin types.
That being said, it’s steep to afford a gold facial at a parlor frequently.
It’s like burning a hole in your pockets. Instead, doing a gold facial at home with natural substitutes is super easy, effective, and inexpensive to get a radiant luster.

Gold Cleanser
Usually, to perform this step, the salon professionals use a gold cleanser.
But I will show you an affordable yet effective gold cleanser made with natural ingredients.
For this, you just need a tablespoon of each Rosewater and Milk.
Mix both the ingredients in a bowl and dip a cotton pad into the solution.
Dab on the cotton pad all over your face and neck area. Leave it to dry and wash off with water.
Cleansing is the first step to the skincare routine or any beauty regime.
As you cleanse your face with water, it removes all the dirt, makeup, impurities, and excess oils away from your skin.
You should not start a skincare routine without first cleansing your face.
That’s because if you massage, scrub or apply face mask onto the uncleaned face, it absorbs all the excess oils, bacteria and impurities into the clogged pores.
So, the first step before embarking any regime is to cleanse your face thoroughly.
Take Steam
Steaming the face will open up the pores and helps to unclog them for a deeper cleanse.
Thereby, opening up your pores softens blackheads, releases acne-causing bacteria, hydrates, releases sebum, soothes, promotes circulation, and collagen.
Grab a fluffy towel or a cotton fabric, a large bowl of hot water.
Now, apply the steam all through your face for 5 minutes.
Gold Scrub
Of course, a facial is always incomplete without properly exfoliating the face.
The substitute for a gold scrub is a scrub made of sugar, honey, and lemon juice.
Trust me, this scrub incorporating lemon, honey, and sugar is the best exfoliant to remove dead skin cells from the clogged pores, promote circulation, and to enhance the texture.
To make the gold scrub, you need substitutes like 1 tsp Sugar, 1 tsp Honey, and a few drops of Lemon juice.
Mix all the ingredients well and exfoliate your face gently with the scrub. Finally, wash off with water.
Gold Facial Gel
This step will cool down and soothe your face.
For this, you squeeze out the juice from a fresh aloe vera plant or any store-bought gel and apply the gel all your face and neck.
Massage again for 5 minutes and wipe it off.
Aloe vera gel is a great skin moisturizer.
It helps in treating acne, stretch marks, sunburns, suntan, blisters, and pigmentation
Gold Face Pack
The last step to a gold facial is to apply a nice refreshing and potent face pack.
To do this, you need yogurt, turmeric, besan flour, rosewater, and Multani mitti as a substituent to the gold face pack.
Mix a tbsp Besan flour, 1/4 tsp Turmeric, 1 tbsp Yogurt, 1 tbsp Multani mitti and a few drops of rosewater into a smooth paste.
Apply the paste all over your face and neck area. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes and rinse off with cold water.
Try this gold facial with all-natural substitutes to a salon kind of gold facial.
Nothing to worry! Following these natural steps will give you the same desired results as a gold facial.
Let me know your experience with this natural gold facial by leaving a comment below.